Café Du Monde: Beignets


Since I was little, my family always took time on the weekends to sleep in and have breakfast together. We are always so rushed before school/work that we barely get time to talk. Ever since my mom brought home the first box of beignet mix I have loved them. There is something about Sunday morning to me that makes me want to lay around eat good food. Beignet mix has yeast so it does go bad unlike pancake or waffle mix. Our mix was getting close to going bad so we thought we would make them this morning.


This is what the mix look like that is made by Café Du Monde which is a cafe in New Orleans that serves just coffee and beignets 24 hours a day year round! We buy our mix at World Market but I’m sure there are other specialty stores that sell it and you can probably find it online as well. DSC_0411

The best part of this mix is that you only have to add water and you can mix it up and fry it then, no raising or waiting! The dough is very sticky so make sure to use flour or I just use the dry mix to coat everything so you don’t have a huge mess. DSC_0420   DSC_0429

I fried mine in vegetable oil but you can use any oil that you like to fry with. The box says to fry them at 370 degrees but I didn’t have a thermometer. So I just kept the temperature at medium and let it heat up while I rolled out the dough and then adjust the heat if needed when they are frying. DSC_0459

When they come out of the oil make sure you let the oil drip off so they are not super greasy then sprinkle generously with icing(powdered sugar)! DSC_0442

Of course serve them with a cup of coffee and enjoy! DSC_0444

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