Buckwheat Crêpes with Mushroom Filling


I saw a recipe like this on pinterest and knew I had to try it! I love crêpes but I had never tried different batters. In this recipe it is half buckwheat and half all-purpose flour. This is nice because then the buckwheat flavor doesn’t take over the whole dish. Also the buckwheat flavor is very unique and some people do not like it. I think it tastes very earthy and rustic so I think it goes great with the mushrooms but I know some people do not enjoy the taste.


The batter is so simple, here are the instructions/ingredients:

Whisk eggs until combined, then add milk and combine. Add both flours and whisk very lightly (all of the clumps do not need to be combined). Take a spoonful of egg/flour mixture and add it to your dish with melted butter and quickly whisk. This will cool down you butter so it won’t separate when you add it to the batter. Then add the butter mixture to your flour mixture and combine until all of the clumps are out. Add salt. Cover with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge until you are ready to use it (at least 20min. but you can store it up to a day)

– 4 eggs

– 1 3/4 cup milk (whole or 2% both will work)

– 1/2 stick of melted butter (you can use less but if you add it in the batter then you do not have to add it to the pan when you are cooking them)

– 1/2 cup buckwheat flour

– 1/2 cup all-purpose flour

– 1t. salt

Makes approximately 12 crêpes depending on pan and batter.


For the filling I used a mixture of shitake, baby bellas, and button mushrooms. I wanted variety of flavor and texture in my filling but you can use any kind that is you favorite! When cleaning your mushroom make sure not to wash them!! I know they may have dirt but that will take all of the flavor out of them. What I do to clean them is take a damp paper towel and brush the dirt off. I also cut the stems off but if you like them go ahead and chop them up. I diced the mushrooms so I would have a chunky filling but you also could mince them for a more creamy filling.


For the filling you will need:

– 3T. butter

– 1 minced shallot

– thyme (fresh 3 sprigs or dried 1-2t.)

– 1lb. mushrooms

– 1/3 cup white wine

– salt and pepper

Chop the mushrooms and shallots. Heat the butter on medium and add mushrooms, shallots, and thyme when it starts to bubble. Once the mushrooms cook down and the liquid starts evaporating (4-6 min.) add the wine. Let the wine cook out. Once the wine is completely gone and the mushrooms start to get color (6-8 min.) season with salt and pepper.

Below is when the mushroom filling is almost done.


While you are cooking the mushroom filling you can start cooking your crêpes. Everyone makes their crêpes differently and I have tried over 5 different methods and so I am going to share what is easiest to me. This is not the way traditional crêpes are made but it is much easier and faster for me.


While the filling is cooking I take the batter out of the fridge and whisk it just incase ingredients have separated. Heat up your pan on medium for at least 3 min. Here it depends on how much butter you put in the batter. If you put 1/2 a stick then you will not need to grease your pan but if you added less then you need to add either cooking spray or butter.

Once the pan is hot pour the batter until half the pan is covered. Take the handle of your pan and tilt the pan in a circular potion so the batter coats the whole pan (like pictured). Let the crêpe cook until the top is set and the bottom begins to brown anywhere from 30sec. to 2min. the cooking time depend on how much batter you put in and how high the heat is.

Note: If there are tiny wholes in your crêpe then you put too little batter but if your crêpe is not crispy on the bottom you put too much batter. Also I never flip my crêpes but do whatever works best for you.


When your crêpes are finished cooking put a spoonful of the mushroom mixture on and I like to add dabs of goats cheese to add an extra creamy flavor. Then roll or fold them to logs or triangles!


Hope you enjoyed the recipe!



Inspired by: Martha Stewart Buckwheat Crepes

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