Winter Meal : Red Pepper Clams

I always get inspiration from flipping through Bon Appetit magazine. It is by far my favorite foodie magazine. They have such creative dishes of things that I would never think of. All of these dishes are inspired by past dishes I have seen in Bon Apetit. This particular meal was not very cohesive but very yummy! It was perfect for a Sunday night. DSC_0118Spinach and watercress salad with beets and miso dressing:

How gorgeous is this salad?? It was not only pretty but super simple and tasted so good. I haven’t worked with miso paste that much but there is a variety of different colors/flavors. I have red miso which is pretty strong and salty but it worked perfectly with the sweet beets. If you are not sure if you will like the strong miso flavor then I would use white miso paste because that is the mildest. Also with leftover dressing you can saute with vegetables and it is so good!

– spinach/watercress

– steamed/baked beets until tender

– miso dressing (olive oil, lemon juice, miso paste to your liking, pepper)DSC_0117Pistachio Israeli couscous with golden raisins lemony Dressing:

I love the texture of israeli couscous, it’s slighty chewy but goes well with crunchy things. That is why the pistachios are perfect because they provide the dish with nuttiness and crunch. The raisins are so good and they have a sweetness that is so yummy with the lemon dressing.

– israeli couscous

– chopped, toasted pistachios

– chopped golden raisins

– chopped fresh parsley

– lemon dressing (olive oil, lemon zest and juice, salt, pepper)

**optional– kale chips

I added kale chips to my couscous which is totally optional but I loved it.

– rub chopped kale leaves with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic

– bake at 350 for about 20 minutes, it depends on how big the kale sections are for how much time they need and I flip mine halfway though

Shallot caper crostini with mozzarella:

– olive oil toasted baguette rubbed with garlic

– fried capers and shallots

– mozzarella

– fry the capers in olive oil for 1-2 minutes add chopped shallots and salt and pepper- spoon over bread with mozzarella

This is so good!!! I could have this with every meal and the capers and shallots go perfectly together.DSC_0115Finally to the clams!

Roasted red pepper clams with spinach and garlic:

These clams were so yummy and the roasted red pepper was the perfect flavor to go in the broth. You could blend the broth with the peppers so it would be more like a puree but that is up to you. I also added spinach before serving but that is totally optional.

– little neck clams

– 1 roasted red pepper [you can do it yourself (pictured above) or buy a jar]

– garlic

– shallot

– vegetable broth

– parsley

– spinach

– salt/pepperDSC_0135I served the clams with angel hair pasta but you could serve it plain or with a baguette and it would be just as delicious! DSC_0138Hope you enjoyed!

– Evangeline



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