Thailand: Summer 2015


This Summer I had the amazing opportunity to go on a student travel group to Thailand. We stayed in Thailand for 16 days and traveled around the country. I traveled with one of my best friends but we met high school students from across the country.


We did so many amazing things like visiting temples, getting a cooking class, zip lining, hiking, a river bamboo boat tour, going to an elephant reserve, visiting Bangkok, and so many incredible things.


These pictures are from the hike we did, we hiked 5 miles to get to this waterfall. Then we ate fried rice and fruit for lunch and went for a swim to cool down. After we had a rest then we started heading back down. It started pouring down rain and then the rain turned into a monsoon. We had to wait for most of the rain to pass so we could get through what became huge rivers. So then we finished the 5 mile hike down in mud! It was a crazy experience that I will never forget.


This is the food market that we went to and got to see so many exotic fruits, vegetables, and meats. Some of them even ate fried bugs! A lot of the produce I did not recognize but most of the people let us try things which was so fun to try durian and mangosteen!


This is the cooking class after the tour of the market. The cooking class was at a beautiful farm in the countryside and each of us got to make 5 recipes!

I made- coconut soup, pad thai (pictured above), sesame chicken, red curry with tofu and served with rice, and mango sticky rice.

All of the recipes are so delicious and I will definitely be making them at home!




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