Freedom in the Fields

DSC_0551While I was in Indiana I wanted to do an outfit post because of how pretty the fields are. Sometimes they look like they go on forever which makes them so pretty in pictures. I recently bought the striped poncho that I am wearing in the pictures, from Free People. As soon as I bought it I couldn’t wait to put it on, I love the tassels at the bottom and it is so soft! DSC_0559This tractor is my grandfather’s, I love it because it looks so vintage.DSC_0644 There are so many places around my grandparent’s farm that have such pretty scenery, this is a huge patch of moss growing by the base of a big maple tree. Huge maple trees are on either side of the front drive that are gorgeous when you drive through.DSC_0594DSC_0599DSC_0582DSC_0615DSC_0654For my hair I did long dutch braids on either side of my head, they look very complicated but they are actually very simple! It is just a french braid but instead of putting the pieces of hair over top of each other you put the pieces under. DSC_0636DSC_0703By the front gate there are huge patches of gorgeous flowers. The daisies are my favorite! DSC_0718DSC_0608Hope you enjoyed seeing a look inside my granparents farm and seeing an outfit with this amazin poncho!

poncho- Free People

jeans- Topshop

tank top- Urban Outfitters

bralette- Aerie

shoes- Free People

hair- dutch braids by me 🙂

Thank you to my grandparents for letting me take pictures on there gorgeous farm land!

Day on the Farm

Here is a quick outfit post that I wore to a farm last weekend. I thought the braids went perfectly with the overalls. I love this outfit because the top is so intricate and the overalls have a very relaxed feel.


My mom and I went to go to a local farm because they have such a good little market on the weekends. They have tons of fresh produce and a beautiful barn with gardens.



The braids I did for my hair are called milkmaid braids. They are actually very simple and all you have to do is braid your hair in two regular 3-strand braids. Then bobbi pin them over your head on top of each other, tucking in the ends.


While I was at the farm we bought produce to cook with! Everything was so good and all organic.



Top- Free People

Overalls- Zara

Boots- Nordstrom